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  • Tree stump removals - Your guide to this professional tree surgery method

Do You Need Professional Tree Stump Removal Services?

Where previous tree felling took place, you may have tree stumps left in your garden, but these can take up precious space for another use, whether you want to plant something new or create more outdoor seating areas. While leftover tree stumps can be a nuisance, professional tree surgeons offer solutions for this issue.

Here are our tips and advice when it comes to tree stump removals. (more…)

  • Tree care guides - Top tips for working on trees with a TPO applied

Easy Guide to Working on Trees with a TPO

Trees often require attention, whether it’s regular pruning to control the shape and size of the foliage or even tree felling if they’ve become dangerous. While many trees can be cared for and maintained with the land owner’s permission, some may have a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) applied, which means you must get permission from your local planning department before any work commences.

Here’s everything you need to know. (more…)

Beware of the Dangers of DIY Tree Surgery

There are many benefits of tree surgery services, including the preservation of plant health and creating attractive outdoor spaces. A tree surgeon will also assess any tree you think may have become dangerous or overbearing. While many understand the importance of using a professional tree surgeon, it can be tempting to conduct some of the work yourself, especially if it’s just a bit of pruning here and there. However, there are some dangers to be aware of when it comes to DIY tree surgery. (more…)

Benefits of Tree Surgery Services for Your Garden

Trees are a great feature of any garden; not just because of how beautiful they look throughout each season but the functional benefits they provide too. This includes additional privacy, shade in the heat and attracting an assortment of wildlife and birds to your garden. However, it’s also important to keep them maintained with the right tree care. Tree surgery can provide a lot of benefits to your garden, including improving its health, aesthetics and safety. (more…)