Having trees in your garden brings about many different benefits to both you and the surrounding ecosystem, which is why it can be a big cause for concern if any of them begin to appear unwell.

Unfortunately, just like any other living thing, trees can be susceptible to disease. Environmental factors are another issue that can cause distress for trees, including things like drought, excessive watering, and overcrowding.

To save your trees from disease and death, it can be handy to know some general tree care essentials. For the absolute best care, you could even enlist the help of a professional tree surgeon.

Signs that your tree is dying
Unfortunately, trees can fall victim to a number of different things, with these signs usually being indicators that they are seriously unhappy:

  • Stunted growth
  • Sparse leaves
  • Losing leaves before autumn
  • Yellow, brown, or curled leaves
  • Shedding of branches

Causes of poor tree health

Several things could be contributing to the decline of a tree. Such things can include age, a bad location, neglect, or a pest/disease issue. While ageing is a natural process that can’t be controlled, the others are worth looking into.

Environmental stresses can happen both quickly and over a matter of time, sometimes making them difficult to spot. Here are a few common environmental stressors:

  • Specific nutrient deficiencies
  • Poor initial establishment
  • Deep planting or a buildup of earth around the base
  • Draught
  • Soil compaction
  • Waterlogging

Some pests and diseases in trees are not yet fully understood, but luckily those tend to be rare. However, trees that are stressed due to environmental factors will be more vulnerable to disease. Pests tend to weaken plants and act as a contributor to decline, rather than acting as the sole cause.

How to care for trees in your garden

If you suspect that one of the trees in your garden is struggling or has fallen victim to a pest or disease, you should contact a trusted local tree surgeon who can come and inspect the tree for you. With specialist knowledge and a safe approach to all tree work, your tree surgeon will be the best person to decide what needs to be done to save your tree.

In the unfortunate event your tree cannot be saved, a tree surgeon will also be able to recommend a suitable removal option. It’s incredibly important that you avoid taking a DIY approach to tree surgery due to the dangerous nature of the job. Tree surgeons are trained, experienced professionals who know how to minimise the risk of damage to you, your tree, and your property.

Expert, reliable tree surgeons in London & Surrey

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