Having trees in your garden is a great way to contribute to the local wildlife and boost your own wellbeing. From fruit trees to shrubs, some of the most popular trees planted in gardens across the UK include silver birch, sycamore, wild cherry, and rowan. Each of these trees have their own characteristics, but one thing they do have in common is that they can be trimmed during the same period of the year.

Tree trimming in Surrey

When is the best time to trim your trees?

The optimum time of the year for tree-trimming and pruning is from late autumn through to early spring, not too early so that you don’t enjoy the gorgeous colours of autumn, but also not too late so that you’re lopping off beautiful blooms either.

The exact pruning and growth cycle of the tree will depend on its species, but you can find out more information about that by consulting your local arborist or professional gardener.

Why is late autumn to early spring the best time for trimming trees?

In the colder months of late autumn and winter, trees enter a dormant stage of inactivity and grow slowly, or not at all. This means you can confidently prune your trees without damaging any buds or stunting their growth.

By choosing to trim your trees in the winter, you’ll also have better access to them thanks to harder, potentially frozen ground and fewer plants around, and better visibility of the branches due to the leaves having fallen off.

The benefits of trimming your trees

There are many benefits of trimming your trees, a few of which include:

  • Improving the structure of the tree
  • Removing dangerous or dead branches
  • Reduction of shade or obstructed views
  • Reduction of wind loading to protect the tree
  • Providing clearance between the tree and an object or your property

However, it is really important to note that removing too big a branch or trimming your tree in the wrong way could result in a disease entering via the exposed ‘wound’. It’s often better, especially if you have large trees, to call in the tree experts.

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In order to avoid harming your precious plants, we would recommend seeking the assistance of a reliable, qualified professional with a passion for specialist tree and garden services.

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