When we talk about tree felling, it often refers to projects conducted in a private garden of a domestic residence. However, commercial gardens and outdoor spaces need lots of care and attention too, especially if you’re hosting visitors and guests you want to keep happy.

While tree services should be similar across the board, there are often other considerations for this type of project, including land ownership, safety and reducing business disruptions.

Here’s our guide to removing trees from commercial sites.

Why remove trees from commercial gardens?

Trees can often be maintained if given the right care throughout the year, but at times, the best solution is to remove a tree or group of plants from an outdoor site. For commercial properties, triggers may include overgrown branches growing towards a building or trees interfering with business communications and signals.

Diseased trees can also be an issue if they’ve become dangerous. Businesses need to be more aware of the safety of their outdoor grounds as it can affect their insurance policies and reputation if their site becomes unsafe. It’s important that trees do not pose a danger to the public, staff and visitors, especially if the structure has become unstable.

You may also need to consider tree felling if you’re planning to expand your premises with further building work.

How to fell a tree at a business site

Tree removals can be noisy work, which is why it’s so important to involve the right experts from day one. A professional tree surgeon is the best point of call, providing advice about aspects such as tree removal permissions (e.g. tree preservation orders) while carrying out a safe tree removal.

They’ll work closely with a business to determine the most appropriate course of action to minimise business disruptions, especially when an outdoor space is accessible to customers, such as hotel grounds or alfresco dining spots.

The tree removal will be completed as efficiently as possible while ensuring the safety of anyone on site is paramount. A systematic approach is taken to ensure the tree is removed quickly, whether straight felling is applied or the tree is cut down section by section.

Should you leave tree stumps in the ground?

A tree stump removal is often best completed at the time of the felling so that it doesn’t become a health and safety hazard or an eyesore.

Once removed, the wood chips can be used to fill the hole, or the ground can be left for development if you have plans for the space. This may include more outdoor seating for your guests or a new feature to enhance the look of your business property’s views.

Get advice from a professional tree surgeon

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