There are many benefits of tree surgery services, including the preservation of plant health and creating attractive outdoor spaces. A tree surgeon will also assess any tree you think may have become dangerous or overbearing. While many understand the importance of using a professional tree surgeon, it can be tempting to conduct some of the work yourself, especially if it’s just a bit of pruning here and there. However, there are some dangers to be aware of when it comes to DIY tree surgery.

Tree care expert guides - Why you should NEVER perform DIY tree surgeryRisks of Tree Surgery

Whether it’s tree felling, stump removal or a crown reduction, there are many risks to tree surgery. This includes the handling of the dangerous tools and equipment, not to mention the weight of any debris created. Even if you’re not felling an entire tree, falling branches can be extremely heavy and hazardous to others. Not only do professional tree surgeons wear the right protective clothing, but they will assess the safest method to conduct the work required. They may even decide that straight felling isn’t the best technique, preferring to take down the tree section by section with specialist rigging (section felling). If straight felling is an option, expert arborists will determine the direction of the fall in the way they cut the tree.

Trees in Poor Condition

Trees which you think need removing may be in poor condition, i.e. dead or diseased to the point they’re beyond saving. In these cases, they may have even become fragile, so handling them in a safe way is important. DIY tree surgery could result in harm coming to yourself, others around the area and even to your property if the tree is located nearby. Tree felling requires specialist equipment, such as felling ropes and wedges, to remove them safely from the site.

Beware the dangers of DIY tree surgery. Understand the risks of tree felling, stump removal & crown reductions. Always use a professional tree surgeon. Get free advice from experienced tree surgeons in London & Surrey.Damaging Your Trees

When you call upon the services of an experienced tree surgeon, they’ll advise as to the condition of the tree, and what can be done (if anything) to preserve it. If there is any action to take, the right techniques will need to be used. Otherwise, you could risk causing damage to the tree itself. For example, you could leave your tree in a condition which leaves it more susceptible to plant diseases. You may even fail to recognise the branches which need removing, leaving them in danger of falling later on.

Preservation Orders

You should also be aware of any Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) on trees you own, meaning you shouldn’t be cutting down, uprooting or performing work on them without permission from your local authority. Even if permission is granted, there will be specific conditions to follow. Failure to comply could result in a hefty fine. TPOs often apply to trees in conservation areas. The Government has issued guidance, which you should follow for the management of trees with this type of order.

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