If you have trees causing significant issues or property damage, they may have outgrown the space. Nuisance and dying trees often need removing via tree felling methods, and you may even require emergency tree work if there’s an immediate danger.

There are two main types of tree removal techniques – section felling and straight felling, but which is best? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is straight tree felling?

Straight tree felling involves using cuts to allow the tree to fall in one go. The first cut is created at the base of the trunk to determine the fall direction. Another ‘felling cut’ is then used to ensure the tree falls to the ground in a single motion.

Straight felling can be used if there’s a large unobstructed space around the removal site, allowing the tree to fall without hitting anything around it. Before the procedure begins, the safety of the felling site should always be secured, protecting nearby buildings and people from harm.

The fall will be controlled in such a way that it doesn’t damage the lawn or grounds in which the tree stands. It should only be completed by a trained professional with the right safety equipment, such as ropes and felling wedges.

What is section tree felling?

In tight and restricted spaces, or when dealing with a dangerous tree, section felling is usually chosen. This involves removing a tree piece by piece, methodically lowering different sections to the ground.

During a section felling procedure, a professional tree surgeon will sometimes use a MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) to reach the highest parts of the tree. This is one of the safest section felling methods. However, for some jobs, a skilled arborist may be harnessed to the tree, lowering each cut section to the ground via specialist rigging equipment.

Which tree felling method is best?

The best tree felling method will depend on each case and its location, which a tree surgeon can assess when they visit the site.

Straight tree felling is often quicker and easier, removing trees more efficiently. This method is sometimes preferred if there’s lots of space around the felling site or several tree removals to carry out.

Section tree felling is the only option if there’s not enough space to safely fell the tree using one cut. It’s also preferred if the structure is unstable, such as when removing decayed trees. Trees in awkward-to-reach spots will also need section felling.

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