In times of adverse and even extreme weather, some trees manage to stand stoically against the gales, while others come crashing down and cause chaos for things like power lines, homes, and other personal property.

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This can be a huge concern for homeowners who live near a tree, or those who live in a wooded area. But while we know that high, strong winds make it hard for anything to stay standing, what exactly causes trees to fall over in a storm?

Why do trees fall over in a storm?

Falling trees in high winds are often caused by a combination of three factors, which are:

  • Saturated earth
  • A top-heavy canopy
  • A compromised root system

Saturated earth commonly occurs during wet spells, which is why a storm is the worst possible combination of elements for top-heavy trees. A top-heavy canopy can occur where a tree has been left to grow unchecked, or when the sap is drawn up into the canopy in a sudden surge – such as when there is lots of fluid pushing from the roots upwards. Compromised roots are most likely to occur where the soil is saturated and the tree loses its grip, but they can also happen where a tree hasn’t been planted properly.

Other factors that might cause a tree to fall during a storm include soil type, insect infestation, lack of maintenance, and over-watering.

What to do with a fallen tree

In the unfortunate event that a tree has fallen during stormy weather, the duty to remove it lies with the landowner. To deal with the fallen tree as effectively and efficiently as possible, and to preserve the life of any other trees in the area, you should always choose a qualified, experienced tree surgeon to remove it. They will usually do so by cross-cutting the tree into manageable sections using a chainsaw.

Fallen tree removal operations are often incredibly dangerous, especially where public highways and power lines are concerned, which is why you should always opt for an expert service.

How can I prevent my tree from falling?

Trees are not only essential for our survival, but they also boost the aesthetics of an area and have a positive impact on our mental health. So in order to avoid any unwanted damage during stormy weather, it’s important to take a proactive approach to tree care and pruning. The best way to do this is to schedule routine maintenance with your local tree surgeon, or learn to prune your trees in a safe way yourself where possible.

To prune your trees properly, you should consider things like the best time of year to trim your trees and whether or not the tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

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