During autumn, trees are a beauty to behold. You can watch as the leaves change in colour, before finally falling to the ground, giving you the ideal opportunity to assess the bare branches and give your trees a prune before winter sets in.

However, when it comes to pruning (also known as trimming), you need to be careful not to damage the tree or leave it vulnerable to damp or disease. The purpose of pruning is to ensure a long, healthy lifespan for the tree and to remove any dead or diseased branches. By pruning in a certain way, you can cultivate the tree to withstand adverse weather, and also to flower with more vibrance when spring comes around again.

What happens when you prune your trees badly

To understand why you need to take care when trimming your tree, you should first know what could go wrong when you don’t. Amongst other things, bad pruning can lead to the following:

  • Too much foliage, meaning the tree becomes top-heavy and could fall over when stormy weather hits
  • Safety concerns in terms of falling branches and becoming tangled in power lines
  • Poor plant health due to a lack of air and light accessing the canopy
  • Ground level suckers and water sprouts that steal important nutrients from the soil
  • Little to no flowering throughout spring and summer

Tips for good tree pruning

While tree pruning is no doubt an expert’s field, there are some essential steps you should be taking to ensure a long and healthy lifespan for your tree.

To encourage good growth and avoid damage to the tree, you should always cut smaller limbs (ones that can be easily cut with hand tools) about ¼ inch above a bud. Cuts should also be at a 45 degree angle to prevent any water damage and disease.

It also goes without saying that you should use quality, clean, and sharp tools that will do the job properly and give a clean cut. For larger tree removals, you should always bring in qualified experts to avoid causing serious harm to yourself, others or damaging your property.

When is the best time of year to prune trees?

The very best time of year to prune your tree will depend on the exact species of tree, however, as a rule, most trees can benefit from trimming in late autumn. Be aware though, that if you are experiencing a warmer autumn than usual, trimming them could lead to almost immediate new growth which will be damaged when winter comes around.

There isn’t necessarily a bad time of year to prune your trees, but if you’re unsure, you might be better off asking your local tree surgeon.

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