Where previous tree felling took place, you may have tree stumps left in your garden, but these can take up precious space for another use, whether you want to plant something new or create more outdoor seating areas. While leftover tree stumps can be a nuisance, professional tree surgeons offer solutions for this issue.

Here are our tips and advice when it comes to tree stump removals.

Tree stump removals - Your guide to this professional tree surgery methodWhy Choose Tree Stump Removal Services?

Once trees are removed from a garden or outdoor space, what’s left behind is the stump, which once anchored the tree in its place. Many people are happy to leave them where they are, so you may even have inherited a garden with tree stumps when you moved in.

While they often don’t cause significant issues, the stumps can start to get in the way of your garden plans, making it harder to mow and taking up room you’d ideally like to use for something else. You may even find that as they decay, they attract pests, look unsightly or develop fungal root rots, so it’s best to avoid this happening by asking for a tree stump removal service.

There are two main ways to remove the stump – herbicide treatments and stump grinding.

What Is Stump Grinding?

During the stump grinding process, an arborist will chip away at the wood left in the ground using a power tool with a rotating cutting disc attached. This is an environmentally friendly tree removal method, which aims to remove the stump from the ground without the use of chemicals. The hole left behind can even be filled with the sawdust and chipping created during the grinding process, combining them with topsoil. While some roots will remain, these should rot down over time. Your tree surgeon will talk to you about what you plan to do with the remaining space so that they can grind the stump to the ideal level.

Herbicide Treatments for Tree Stumps

If you’d prefer to opt for a herbicide treatment, this is ideally completed when the tree has been recently felled as it works best on freshly cut wood where the live tissue present will absorb the chemicals. This method takes up to a month to work fully, but it’s highly effective and reliable. It prevents any regrowth, which can be a problem with some tree stumps. The herbicide will completely kill your unwanted tree stumps, but it does take more time than grinding methods.

Do you have a tree stump to remove in your garden?

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